Hi there!

I'm Igor Kolar, a designer for hire, looking for the next great adventure, so let's be friends! I make an effort to work on projects which are challenging and which I can personally believe in.

Due to a transition from industrial design in academia to web design in the real world, I'm unapologetically a design all-rounder. While creativity is bolstered by restrictions, I love working in several different media at once as I find it provides amazing opportunities to bring fresh ideas into every project.

What do I actually do?

I do clean and elegant design - be it web, print, mobile apps or products. I aim to adress the design brief's requirements through the needs of the end user in order to meet their needs in the most intuitive way.
I firmly believe communication is key to great design, beginning with the client through the brief, then with users through research and testing, with the final goal of providing the desired communication between the client and their users.

The unusually accurate

UI design 80%
Responsive Web Design 90%
Print Design 75%
Creative Solutions 100%

Recent Years

08:25 am


Earning a Batchelor's degree in industrial design at Studij dizajna at the faculty of Architecture - School of design, Zagreb

10:00 am


Volunteering at BEST (The Board of European Students of Technology). Set loose from the chains of academia, I was given the opportunity to try new approaches by challenging the established methods of the organisation. Ultimately this resulted in numerous websites, prints, major rebranding, game design and creative advertising.

11:00 am


Joined the local startup Entrio as a web designer, eventually becoming part of a spin-off project, Snaptap. These projects provided an amazing spectrum of material to work on, ranging from print and web design, to motion graphics and prop design.

11:35 am


Busy working on a Master's degree in industrial design at Studij dizajna at the faculty of Architecture - School of design, Zagreb

12:00 am


Co-founded a small, indie Video Game company Gamechuck,
currently working on Interactive comics and Retro style Arcade cabinets